Pernille Damore


I grew up in the North- West part of Zealand in Denmark.  It`s quite idyllic. The North Western coastline on the one side and the old forrest and vast-land to the other.

Part of my family are from a sciences background and l guess thats is where my analytical, science orientated side of my personality comes from. I am proud to be danish and grateful for my instinctive way of seeing things.

Initially I started to study classical medicine and stumbled across some issues that became increasingly puzzling to me.

The questions that resulted lead me away from the main stream allopathic medicine. This is where my journey to becoming an holistic physician after studying psychomotoric medicine began.

l am obviously living by my own Damore- Diet and Method that I communicate in both work and personal life. I still find the level of personal development the method enholds fascinating and deeply fulfilling. 

No matter which reason you have to come by my page l can recommend you to start with the Damore Diet. It is a non-toxic, non-allergenic diet that is scientifically proven to alleviate symptoms related to life-style diseases. 

Another recommendation l can give you is to watch the videos regarding proper supplementation. 

After years of trying to find proper nutrients to my patients l finally found a producer that share my level of commitment. The result is the only line of supplementation with methylated and chelated ingredients. 

I hope you are going to enjoy what l share here and on my FaceBook Page - click on the icon below.


Pernille Damore

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School and Education

1973-83 Rørvig Friskole, North West of Zealand, Denmark

1983-87 Business School, Niels Broch Nyropsgade, Copenhagen, Denmark

Extended Education and Qualifications

1987-88 Qualified Fitness instructor, Personal Trainer, Aerobic Instructor; Anatomy and Physiology course-work

1992-95 Certified Psychomotoric Therapist; Obstetrics course-work; Group Teaching Assessment Techniques

2000-05 Naturopathic Doctor Education, Baden Baden, Germany

Aromatherapy course-work

Orthomolecular Therapy course-work

Nurse School, Hillerød, examined in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

Certified Acupuncturist; educated at Helseskolen Soeborg, Denmark; taught by Per Lauborg

Certified Auriculo Therapist by Anne Marie Vester

Reflexology course-work taught at Helseskolen, Soeborg, Denmark

Cranio-Sacral Therapy courses taught by Stanley Rosenberg

Certified Regression Therapist via Online-Course (6 months)

Life and Occupational Experience 

1987-88 Physical Instructor: Hard Work Institute Valby, Copenhagen

1988-91 Representative at Spies Travel (Resort Manager; Air-Guide; local Tour-Guide)

Tunisia, Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Costa del Sol and Tenerife (Spain), Halkidiki, Rhodes, Crete, Lefkada (Greece) and Rome (Italy)

1991-92 Personal Training and Animation at Sahara Sunset, Benalmadena (Spain)

1995 - birth of my Son, Ben Damore

Physical Therapist; Gym-Instructor and Personal Trainer; Therapeutic Masseur; Lefkada (Greece)

1997-2000 Gym Manager and Instructor; Full-time Tele-Sales Manager, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Part-time Therapeutic Masseur

2000 - birth of my daughter: Amalie Damore; moved to Zealand (Denmark)

2002-04 Development of The Damore Method

(consisting of Damore-Diet and a further development of Progressiv-Auto-Sanguis-Therapy by Reckeweg as well as

the specific use of Nutrients and Damore-BodyMind-Programmed- Regression)

2004-08 - privately funded Detox Your Life Clinic in Copenhagen with full-time support staff

In-House Private Consultations, Monthly Lectures, bi-weekly Courses and Workshops

Implementation and development of 6 month Damore Detox Your Life Courses (ca 800 participants)

Proprietary production of DamoreLife products

2006 Publication in danish language: Guide to Detox Diet your Body enjoys.

2007 Publication in danish language: The Damore Method

2008 moved to Spain with Ben and Amalie

2008 established The Damore Agency to manage Damore Certified Coaches and Therapists

Seminars held in Denmark 3x per year

first graduates of the Damore Therapist Education Program

weekly Coach-Teaching and Therapist Supervision via online

2010 Book- Publication in danish language: Take Charge of Your Life (1st Edition)

2011 Book- Publication in danish language: Take Charge of Your Life (2nd Edition; incl. Audiofiles, Download Links etc.)

2015 Damore & Partner located in Switzerland working with athlete development and performance enhancement

A selection of letters I have received: (translated from danish)

Thank you all for your kind words.


"10 years ago my kids were suffering with coughs and phlegm. l heard about Pernille Damore and had a consultation with the kids. It turned out it was quite easy to sort out; removing specific foods, replacing them with others and now here 10 years after my kids are 22 and 17 years old and have never been sick since. lf something is on its way l know what to do so we never have to consult an allopathic doctor. When my children were sorted out l wanted Pernille to help me with my panic disorder. Again she worked with me, added things my body was missing, removing things that was creating a cause. Today l am proud to say that l no longer have any kind of panic disorder. If l feel something is on its way l again know exactly what to do to support myself on all levels. l think the most important thing is that l now have a positive mind and positive thoughts so my every day life never grows to be a problem. My life is perfect!

Pernilles` assistance can not be described entirely. Pernilles help is like you give yourself and your body a gift of gold. 

Thank you, Pernille."

Betina Thelin, CEO


"It is now several years ago l had a fantastic 2,5 year course coached by Pernille Damore.

I learned so much that I still use in my daily life today! 

It has been a fascinating process where I could feel how my body came into balance. I lost a lot of weight, learned more about myself and my impact on others - l learned how to take responsibility for my own life! 

Pernille you are a great motivator, you have a way with words to inspire, you manage to make everything that comes out of your mouth exciting! 

I am happy and grateful for the progress I have had with you. You gave me tools I can use for anything! 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" 

Githa Hoegsberg


"It is now 8 years ago I became aware of Pernille and her Damore Method.

Back then I had just become a mother for the first time and it was such a big change for me.

At that time my sleep and meals were completely upside down. l had no energy for exercise and I felt my nerves sat on the outside of me.

I was ready for anything to get myself back on track!

It was then I was recommended to a course with Pernille and her program. Not only did I get a grip with my diet and exercise, at Pernilles course I also got a larger view of the relationship with my body and mind. It lifted me.

l have always had the interest in a healthy lifestyles but Pernille helped me open the door to a new world, where l no longer just think “I should run a bit more, l should eat a little healthier”.

She motivated ​​me to do it and it sticks, 8 years later l in general stick to the principles I have learned from Pernille. its easy because l can now feel it on my own body, how good and wonderful it feels when l just take responsibility for my own live, my own health and lifestyle. I rejoice of every single day of my life and to have my family and people around me that I love and l so look forward to see what the future brings me."

Henriette Crone


"Pernille has a unique way of selecting and communicating on topics. Although I have heard (and tested) several dietary guidelines throughout my life, it has always been Pernille Damore words that have stayed clearly in my mind. That said, it is actually not the Damore-Diet instructions that are most important, it is the holistic approach and all that she has taught me about my habits, my approach to other people and the importance of love for myself. You can safely put your life in Pernille's hands for a duration, because l promise you: it is an improved version of yourself, you get back."

Christina Thomsen, Investor


"After participating in Pernilles lessons and courses for several years, I can highly recommend her approach to health, healing, and especially life. The content of her courses has changed my life, but besides that her teaching is so inspiring and motivating. You will wake up and learn how to take responsibility for yourself, your health and your life. And that is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. All the best to you.

Henriette S.


Pernille, l want to thank you for being who you are. You are making such a difference - you have an amazing way to disseminate life values ​​in such a way that you encourage all of us to turn our thoughts into actions. You have given me so many useable tools, both through your books and at an unforgettable weekend workshop at Christie’s Hotel in Denmark. I still struggle though! For me it has much to do with loving myself in order to also love and trust others. Now l have an understanding of my actions and how they can enforce me.

...not a day passes without me thinking "Pernille Damore - THANK YOU” 

L. Henningsen, Sales


"Pernille has taught me to see beyond my own nose. Seeing the world in a much larger perspective. At the same time, she also taught me to dare look behind my darkest demons. All is well. Instead of judging myself, I now take the bumps on the road of life with curiosity. 

l could honestly be writing novels about what you have taught me!"

Maria J.


"Pernille, your attitude and knowledge about body fragility and at the same time its strength has helped me so much in my process. With that l can always find my way back to me. Besides that, your voice, when l listen to your  audio files completely calms me down."

Janne Wind, Dentist